The seniors will play friendlies with Promnik Gończyce and Kolektyw Oleśnica

Marcin Sągol

Tomorrow at 5:00 PM, our team will play the first friendly match as part of the preparations for the 2023/24 season, where they will compete against Amator Leopoldów-Rososz. The upcoming week will also be extremely intense for our footballers. On Wednesday, they will play a control match with Promnik Gończyce, and on Friday with Kolektyw Oleśnica.

Upcoming friendlies for the senior team:

2023-07-16 Sęp Żelechów - Amator Leopoldów-Rososz, 5:00 PM, Żelechów - cancelled
2023-07-19 Sęp Żelechów - Promnik Gończyce, 6:00 PM, Żelechów
2023-07-21 Kolektyw Oleśnica - Sęp Żelechów 8:00 PM, Oleśnica