Teams of the Siedlce district league catch up on the backlog from the autumn round of the 2023/24 season

Marcin Sągol

In just under a week, the spring round of the 2023/24 football season will be inaugurated in the Siedlce district league. However, some teams took to the field today to make up for last year's backlog. In the matches, which were canceled on November 18 due to poor pitch conditions, Hutnik Huta Czechy faced Jabłonianka Jabłonna Lacka and ULKS Gołąbek played against Czarni Węgrów.

The match of Hutnik was rich in goals, which started to fall already in the first half - it ended with the hosts leading 4:2, and Filip Gawinek scored as many as three goals. The second part of the meeting was a bit calmer, and each side added just one more goal, which ultimately ensured the players from our county a 5:2 victory. Thanks to the win, the Hutnik team slightly improved its position in the table and currently occupies 8th place with a score of 22 points.

The match in Gołąbek was definitely more one-sided. The hosts gave no chance to the team from Węgrów and defeated them 4:0. This match also recorded a hat-trick, authored by Damian Chłopek. The full set of points allowed the team from Gołąbek to strengthen its position at 4th place but it still has a significant points gap (9) to the top three.

Hutnik Huta Czechy
Jabłonianka Jabłonna Lacka
Gawinek Filip 22'
Gawinek Filip 40'
Gawinek Filip 41'
Rękawek Mateusz 45'+2
Michalczyk Bartosz 73'
ULKS Gołąbek
CZarni Węgrów
Skóra Szymon 3'
Chłopek Damian 64'
Chłopek Damian 70'
Chłopek Damian 73'