The youth team (born 2010-2011) emerged as the group winners after a 5:1 victory against Mazovia II Mińsk Mazowiecki

Marcin Sągol

On Saturday, June 3, the wards of coach Tomasz Gugała from the youth section (born 2010-2011) played their final match of the spring round, which was to decide about the first place in the group. The opponent of the Sęp was the team of Mazovia II Mińsk Mazowiecki. After an emotion-filled match, our young footballers defeated their peers from Mińsk Mazowiecki 5:1.

In the eight matches played (Tygrys Huta Mińska, Victoria Kałuszyn, Jutrzenka Cegłów, Mazovia II Mińsk Mazowiecki), the youth team scored a total of 36 goals, won in seven matches and only drew in one. The results achieved have led our youth team to place first in the table with a score of 22 points, which also allows for promotion to the first regional league! We congratulate the players and the coach and wish them further success.


Bryl Szymon
Jeżewski Aleksander
Jurzysta Lena
Kania Szymon 
Kiliszek Jakub
Kosyra Marcin
Latuszek Jakub
Lis Michał
Łukasiak Nikodem
Ogrodnik Jakub
Ostałowski Franciszek
Skwarek Dominik
Sztelmach Wojciech
Szymaniuk Patryk
Wójcik Michał